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Industries in Goa

Goa has bee long known for itís natural and scenic beauty and has been in international tourist itinerary for long. It accounts for about 12% of the total tourist traffic destined for India .Industry in the conventional sense has been promoted by Goa IDC (earlier known as GDDIDC before Goa attained State hood) since 1966. It has set up around 22 industrial estates in Goa Daman and Diu. These include Bethora, Bicholim, Canacona, Colvale, Corlim, Cuncolim, Honda, Kakoda, Kundai, Madkai, Mapusa, Margao, Pilerne, Pissurlem Sancoale , Sanguem Shiroda, Thivim, Tuem, Verna. The liberalization policy which was initiated in the Early Nineties, significantly influenced the Govt policies since then. The industrial policy now envisages in attracting more IT capital to the state. With the very pleasant weather and natural beauty, it becomes ideal place for IT companies to embark on new ventures. Apart from IT local entrepreneurship is also promoted with great zeal.

Fisheries is a major area which provides sustained employment and growth in the region. About 8 Thaluks (of the total 11) and 45 Villages depend on the sea for their livelihood. There are about 12,000 active fishermen and more than 600 nets catching fish in the area. Five fish landing centers and 14 ramps have been provided to land the fish.

Forests in Goa are another source of revenue in the region .The deciduous vegetation consisting of teak, sal, cashew and mango trees and Fruits like jackfruits, mangos, pineapples and blackberries are remarkable forest products. The soil is rich in Humus and many minerals which make plantations possible. Together the plantations and forests account for around 56% of the land area.

The area is also known for itís reddish soil, which is predominant in Ferric Aluminum Oxides. The river banks are alluvial and loamy. Iron and magnesium deposits can be found the region, which has rocks, dating back to 3600 million years. Iron extracted here is exported through the Mamugoa harbor. Marmugoa port which has a long history as the natural harbor. India Exports around 18 million tonnes of iron through the Marmugoa port every year. This accounts for nearly 50 % of the iron exported from the country.

Even though the predominant traffic in the Marmugoa port is the iron ore , other cargo and liquid bulk are also being handled here. Since 1992 the container traffic in the region is on also on a steady increase.

Though Goa is a small state which will not even come to the smallest district in many other Indian states , it remains a model of sustained economic,cultural and social success in the new emerging India.

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Article by: Macks Maliyakal
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